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A Positive Attitude Will Improve Your Vibration

How do you assess your vibration? What is your starting point, in planning to use The Law of Attraction?

It's a given that we need to increase our positive emotions if we want more out of life. If this seems like a difficult task, let's make it easier.

Not everyone articulates their emotions, even to themselves. Yet how you feel is how you vibrate, and that is what you are going to attract, vibration-wise.

So what makes you feel better?

***favorite music?
*** attention from your partner?
*** hearing your kids laugh?
*** putting money in the bank?
*** walking in nature?

Whatever it is, it's no one's call as to whether it's good or bad (assuming it is legal). Basically, whatever makes you feel positive emotions, or enables you to envision and feel the outcome of your goals in life, is something you want to increase thinking about.

Sometimes you feel down and are entertaining a less than positive attitude and you are not conscious of it! You define wealth, success, and fulfillment for yourself as an individual. If you do not know exactly how you regard these matters, sit down and write it out. Maybe you are being way too hard on yourself. Maybe you need to forgive yourself for past mistakes. Increase your spiritual abundance this way.

Focusing attention on your dreams and then not allowing the outcome into your experience seems to be a major human weakness. You may be living with attitudes you adopted from parents or other role models. So now, you need to get with your own program. And, this may blossom for you gradually.

If you need help to get started, or to stay on a reality creation to improve your high vibration every day, get one of the wealth and abundance programs that guide you in your prosperity fulfillment.

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What is Subliminal Hypnosis?

Subliminal hypnosis is a powerful mind control technique that works by taking advantage of the natural processes in the brain using specific words and actions to allow you to control the behaviors of others. Unlike standard hypnosis, subliminal hypnosis is more of a real life technique – a form of mind control that you can use on anyone, rather than on an individual sitting in a chair waiting for you to control their thoughts.

In many ways, subliminal hypnosis is reminiscent of the methods of the “Jedi” from Star Wars – if you recall, simply by waving his hand a certain way in front of a person’s face, even in the middle of conversation, he can change the way that individual thinks. In the case of subliminal hypnosis, however, rather than waving one’s hand you use a complicated (yet easy to learn) set of procedures to confuse the brain, making it far more open to the power of suggestion which allows you to get the individual to do what you please.

Subliminal hypnosis is a form of mind control that can actually be used regularly in daily life – every day we experience situations where the ability to successfully speak in such a way that we can mold others to believe our point of view would be useful, whether at work with your boss or clients or at home with your children. The principles behind it are something that you can implement at any point in your life and receive substantial rewards.

But subliminal hypnosis is not simply leadership – you do need to extensively study the techniques because every situation is going to need to be handled in a different way because people are different. You may get into a conversation with one person that goes differently than a conversation with another individual, and unless you are intimately familiar with the way that subliminal hypnosis works, it is going to be difficult for you to adjust correctly in order to achieve your ultimate goal of controlling that particular situation.

About the Author: Stephen Fredricks writes numerous articles about hypnosis in its many forms including how to learn subliminal hypnosis at his website,

Psychic Vampires

What Are They?

Historically a psychic vampire has been a creature that lurks in the dark or shows up in ones dreams and drains them of their life force, leaving them listless and ill. Folklore and literature is full of occurrences of these psychic vampires. What significance does a psychic vampire have in today’s world though?

Some would say that the ‘past’ psychic vampires were simply a way of describing what today would have been diagnosed as leukemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, or iron deficiency. Without words in the past to describe these illnesses, people assumed they must be caused by something ‘evil’ like a psychic vampire.

However presently there are many people who describe themselves as psychic vampires and try to help, teach and educate us about them. A psychic vampire would be described as a person who is unable to generate their own energy or store their own energy and therefore needs to obtain vital energy from outside sources. A psychic attack then takes place where the psychic vampire receives energy and the victim experiences a great loss in energy. Many psychic vampires are not even aware of what they are doing consciously.

These are some traits of a psychic vampire:

• Low energy
• Needs constant reassurance
• Never feels satisfied
• Craves nurturing
• Feels abandoned or rejected

These psychic vampires create experiences of havoc for their victims, often unknowingly so that they can feed on their energy and feel better themselves. We are not however incapable of protecting ourselves from a psychic vampire attack. The best way to protect oneself is to put up an energy field around ourselves. A psychic vampire simply uses what little energy they have to feed on our energy. So we must put up a shield to block their energy. Every day put up a white light shield of protection around yourself and you will not be susceptible to psychic vampires.

We have all had the experience of someone zapping our energy. A psychic vampire is simply a term used to describe such a person who does this. We all have energy that we can work with whether we put it to good use or to bad use. Use your own energy to shield yourself and you’ll be amazed at how much more energized you feel.

About the Author: To learn much more about psychic vampires as well as to find a list of psychic abilities visit where you’ll find this and much more, including a fun free psychic test.

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